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We take your conceptual idea and bring it to reality through bespoke design and individual branding. Enabling your brand to be recognised as a leader in your marketplace and location. Our approach is thorough and diligent, we walk you through a series of steps to understand the purpose of your business, the target audience and how you would like to portray your brand.

Websites are the online flagship of your business, do not waste time and effort considering the many point and click website solutions available. Cheaper is not always better! Whilst these solutions gives you the facility to produce a website in little to no time the aesthetic quality and coding leaves a lot to be desired.

Mobile Website

By default, all our websites created are with mobile in mind. With mobile usage in the UK increasing year on year, it is vital your website is mobile friendly to increase the changes of users converting on your web pages. Whether through simply filling out a contact us form, calling a specific number or by purchasing an item or product. Our mobile website experts will ensure customers on the go will be able to view your perfectly sized website on their phones and or any other device.

Web design

Why a Mobile App Can Get You Closer to Your Customers

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First of all decide what kind of app you want. If you have a restaurant it’s quite easy. The ability to browse your menu, book a table or order a take away would be very welcome. To see how the big boys do it, take a look at how easy it is to order a pizza.

Retail stores also have it easy as they can offer customers the chance to browse the articles for sale, find out more about an item, maybe pre-order if you sell big goods. They could book delivery slots, service visits or buy maintenance contracts. Think about what you would want to do from the comfort of your armchair.

 Mobile Apps for small businesses

Service companies like plumbers and builders can use the app to showcase their services, show a new bathroom recently installed and book an estimate.

Creative based companies such as wedding planners, florists or cake makers can offer basic planning services or pictures of past offerings. You could even get together with complimentary companies and offer an outline planning service so that a wedding dress fitting, buffet lunch, wedding cake meeting, photography, car hire and dress hire service could all be booked through one app. Benefits to everyone involved and you can get commission from the participating companies. Florists could enable the purchase and delivery of bouquets; gift shops could do the same for their gift baskets. Cake makers can offer the ability to order batches of cakes for parties and the list goes on.

Service providers are not forgotten. Perhaps your app could enable the user to tailor your service, ordering the part that they needed. Trainer could provide course details and the ability to book a course. If you have regular seminars or talks these could be highlighted and bookable. Hairdressers could offer details of the latest styles, beauty salons the latest treatments. Learner driver schools could offer hints and accountants details of the last tax changes. All of the apps should offer the option to contact the small company or book a meeting.

Of course you could do something different and design a game. The more addictive the game the more often people will come back to it. All the time your company name is in front of the customer whilst they play the game. You could make the game synonymous with your company products. You might even be able to make some extra cash from the game with in game purchases.

Launching Your Mobile App

A quick look in iTunes and Google Play gives you the bad news first. There are an awful lot of apps available. So how do you get your app noticed? Not as hard as you might think. The first hurdle is to get it into Apple iTunes and Google Play. There are full details of how to do this on the respective web sites. Both sites make it easy and there are no hosting or marketing fees. Both companies do have a quality test so there are a few hoops to jump through. However once you have been passed, and most are, your app is free to be downloaded by millions of prospective customers.

Make sure that you have a good app description written so that it can be found. If your services are local, include your locality in your description. If you are unsure how to do this, there are plenty of good writers available on sites such as elance, who will do this for a small fee.

Getting the App in Front of your Customer

Now is your chance to tell people about it. Send out a mail shot or email telling your customers about this great new app. Remember to sell its virtues such as how convenient the app can be. Offer a discount for the customers that book via the app, this can be done easily with a booking code. Put details of your app on your website, your brochure, in your store, sign written on your van and on your business cards. Put some posts on your Twitter account and your Facebook page. Create a buzz and get people excited. The novelty of a small business having a mobile app will encourage the curious to take a peek.

Prepare a press release extolling its virtues and give it to your local newspaper and radio station. Be prepared to be interviewed on this great idea. Send details to local clubs and ask them to include it in their newsletters, you can offer members a discount code to encourage its usage. All good, free, effective marketing. An experienced writer will help you with the press release if you are unsure what to write.

Make sure that you do not forget about your app. Frequently update the information seen by your users. Offer discounts on a regular basis, so that they go back to your mobile app and do not forget your company.

Your mobile app will create a buzz about your small business. Users will be able to find you using their preferred shopping method. You will soon discover that it is a great marketing tool.

Costs of Marketing Apps

Now you are probably thinking that this is far too expensive and difficult a project for a small company to undertake. Pepperpot Digital specialises in affordable mobiles apps for SMEs. We look at your specification and decide the most effective method for bringing to life your creation.

Why aren’t more small companies doing this? The answer is simple – they are not as clever as you are.

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Mobile change by Google will impact small businesses

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Attention small business owners there’s been a change at Google

In the last few weeks Google has been updating its mobile algorithm to ensure mobile follows the age old mantra of relevancy and greater user experience. Many businesses have received warnings in their Google webmaster tools accounts pertaining to the non-mobile usability of their website. It will be interesting to see how many of those websites/business owners will heed this warning.

See screenshot:

Google Mobile Warning

How will this impact your business?

Google will reduce your search engine rankings on mobile devices if deemed not mobile friendly. Desktop rankings have remained untouched, however with the ever increasing statistic of surfing the net via mobile, this will potentially  have a crippling effect your business, irrespective of where your target audience resides.  A loss in traffic will essentially translate into a loss in revenue, forcing some businesses to invest in paid media sources. If you do not act now this will potentially drive your customers to your competition with mobile friendly websites. Simile this is a great opportunity for your business to grab a greater market share in your industry.

How can this be rectified?

Two words which essentially means the same from a website perspective, responsive and rendered.  You need to ensure your web designer develops your website with mobile at the heart of the design, giving the user a slick and trouble free experience.

If you’re concerned about the current status of your website, we are offering business owners a free no obligation website audit until the 9th March

Why the Twitter and Google deal is good for small businesses

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In the last few days it was announced Twitter and Google have signed a deal for tweets to be displayed in Google search results. In 2011 Twitter and Google previously worked together, however could not agree upon terms to continue the relationship.

What does this mean for SEO

I don’t think it would be to presumptuous of me to suggest this will have an impact on Google’s algorithm from a social signal perspective. There has been an ongoing debate whether social signals play a role in influencing your rankings. With this partnership in place, I cannot see how it can be now justified that social signals do not play apart.

Savvy businesses will start to use keyword #tagging more frequently when sending out tweets with a view to influence rankings. It will be of course interesting to see how Google filters this. Will they inflate rankings to those Twitter profile that have a greater following. Or will they just reward those tweets based on frequency of post? One certainty is, we are in for some exciting and unpredictable times ahead.

SME Branding

For all businesses irrespective of size, this is the perfect opportunity to create a Twitter profile and start banging the door down in terms of your message. Not only can this message be syndicated  to Facebook and Instagram, you can now appear locally for the target keyword phrases. A Carpenter based in Surrey, should now send out tweets offering tips on how to build wardrobes, cabinets, doors etc. Initially I would test various hashtags, such as #carpenteringuildford, #buildcabinetscrawley. Followed by brand and geo-location. Only time will ultimately tell if this works. However you can bet your bottom dollar this collaboration between the two giants will impact your rankings. It’s up to your endeavors as to whether this is positive or negative for your business.

The key to a successful social marketing campaign is the correct strategy and consistency. At pepperpotdigital we provide a bespoke campaigns for all types of campaigns and budget.