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Why the Twitter and Google deal is good for small businesses

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In the last few days it was announced Twitter and Google have signed a deal for tweets to be displayed in Google search results. In 2011 Twitter and Google previously worked together, however could not agree upon terms to continue the relationship.

What does this mean for SEO

I don’t think it would be to presumptuous of me to suggest this will have an impact on Google’s algorithm from a social signal perspective. There has been an ongoing debate whether social signals play a role in influencing your rankings. With this partnership in place, I cannot see how it can be now justified that social signals do not play apart.

Savvy businesses will start to use keyword #tagging more frequently when sending out tweets with a view to influence rankings. It will be of course interesting to see how Google filters this. Will they inflate rankings to those Twitter profile that have a greater following. Or will they just reward those tweets based on frequency of post? One certainty is, we are in for some exciting and unpredictable times ahead.

SME Branding

For all businesses irrespective of size, this is the perfect opportunity to create a Twitter profile and start banging the door down in terms of your message. Not only can this message be syndicated  to Facebook and Instagram, you can now appear locally for the target keyword phrases. A Carpenter based in Surrey, should now send out tweets offering tips on how to build wardrobes, cabinets, doors etc. Initially I would test various hashtags, such as #carpenteringuildford, #buildcabinetscrawley. Followed by brand and geo-location. Only time will ultimately tell if this works. However you can bet your bottom dollar this collaboration between the two giants will impact your rankings. It’s up to your endeavors as to whether this is positive or negative for your business.

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