Time to put some Pepper in your marketing


Measuring the success of your SEO campaign is vital to understanding the impact of a specific strategy. Keeping you informed every step of the way, we will adapt our strategies to ensure you achieve the best ROI possible for your company.

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Increase Market Share

One of the way s in which we evaluate market share is to understand the opportunity for non paid search revenue. We look at current rankings, conversion and a detailed analysis of your competitors.

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Brand Recognition

What is the direction of your business, what does it stands for? We help to identify your business tone of voice whilst steering your SEO campaigns to support your USP.

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Our Services

Content Marketing

We use data provided from your audience to create on-theme content to entice your customers to make an informed decision about your business. We give the search engines food to digest your story.

Social Media

Engaging your target audience and having real-time feedback to tweak your product or service is a now a priority for all B2C and B2B businesses. Facebook and Twitter are not the only platforms to promote your business.  We’ll show you where and how to promote your business throughout the social media sphere.

Web Design

We’ve employed designers which are on the cutting edge of modern flexible design. Creating designs which are responsive for mobile and tablet, whilst creating a website which highlights your business tone of voice.


Search Engine Optimisation is our core expertise in the Digital landscape. We have brought tremendous success to small local business as well as established national and international brands.

Our aim and objective

Develop a Partnership

Our key goal is to develop an understanding of your business, perspective and aims. The online marketing industry is complex and ever changing, so if you don’t understand something or have a question, we are always here to help. Once your contract is agreed you can trust us to get on with our job and work hard to increase your company’s online profile.

Dominate Competition

Your competition is our competition.  That is our mantra and we stand by it, singing it from the rooftops. We are passionate about what we do.  Every small step to success is greeted with a huge tag shout! Put some pepper in your marketing mix

Increase Customer Base

Owners of e-commerce stores will know the best customer is an existing one. Treat them like royalty and they will give you loyalty, continuing to purchase month on month and year on year. We have a tried and tested strategy for generating more sales from existing customers whilst building up the right type of customer base for your business.

Time to pour pepper on your competition


Kent SEO

If you own a business in Kent  and you’re interested expanding your online brand, then it is important that you are proactive with your search engine optimisation campaign so that you can easily connect with potential customers. It is very common for people to use an online search engine to research businesses and make purchases, and people often turn to their smartphone or computer when they are looking for a local business.

Online Search Engine Rankings Means More Business for Your Company

The goal with a search engine optimisation campaign is to increase the chances that people will find your website when they are looking online. Many people rely on online searches to find a company that offers the products and services that they are looking for. Additionally, an online search can be a fast way for someone to look for reviews about any type of company.

With an SEO campaign, we can help your website show up higher in the search engines, increasing the possibilities that customers will choose your business instead of one of your competitors. Your website can work for you 24/7, by sending new customers your way on an ongoing basis.

Consider the lifetime potential of a new customer, especially if you offer a product or service that encourages the person to come back for future purchases. Search engine optimisation can pay off by bringing the customer to your website for the initial purchase, and then they could potentially make repeat purchases in the future.

Strengthening the Brand of Your Company

Search engine optimisation is an excellent tool for online branding and reputation management. With a proactive SEO campaign, you can build the search results in a way that makes your company more visible. Each time a person looks online and sees information about your company, it helps to increase brand awareness.

Even if a person doesn’t make a purchase right away, they will remember your brand. This brand awareness can be beneficial when they are talking with their friends and family about the products or services that you offer, and they could potentially come back to your website at some point in the future to make a purchase.

Increasing Sales

If you are ready to increase the revenue for your company, then you need to make sure that your website is showing up when someone in Kent is looking for the things that you have to offer. Don’t miss out on potential sales by failing to be proactive with your search engine campaign! If you don’t make the effort to dominate the search results, then your competitors will.

Here at Pepper Pot Digital, we want to help you strengthen your online presence and improve your search engine optimisation. Our services are available to businesses in Kent, and we also offer online marketing solutions to businesses in other locations as well. If you are ready to improve your results in the search engines and boost sales, then we invite you to contact us today to learn more about the marketing services that we offer. Complete our SEO evaluation form to see how we can help!