App development for local businesses

Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

More small businesses are becoming aware of the vital nature of mobile marketing in this digital culture; however, a significant amount of them are still in the dark concerning the multitudinous mobile marketing mechanisms that are available to them. There a numerous components and elements that create the dynamic flow of mobile marketing. There are some powerful tools that will allow businesses to create a remarkably high level of customer engagement, which is paramount to creating the level of trust that is required to develop customer loyalty.

With more than fifty five percent of local searches conducted on mobile devices, it is easy for a business owner or marketing manager to see the need to have a mobile optimised website; however, it may not be as easy for them to see the powerful connectivity and relational potential of a mobile app. Creating a mobile app for small businesses offers a significant amount exposure and marketing leverage for a local businesses.

The good news for small businesses is that there are online services that have developed a platform to provide scalable apps for small to medium size businesses. Our online platform is highly intuitive and scalable enough to build mobile apps for:


Estate Agents






….and many many more industries.


App Benefits

Brand Exposure

Building brand exposure is immensely important in creating longevity in a business and industry. Brand recognition has a very powerful capacity to influence buying decisions and it is a necessary element in the equation of building customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is built through developing relationships with customers that are built on trust. Having a mobile app allows a business to increase the frequency of engagement. It also provides the capacity to provide services through the app that the customer will find both, relevant and helpful.

Increase Accessibility

It is much easier for a customer to tap on a mobile app to access important data from a business, such as location, hours, and inventory, than it is to call in or go through a browser. Apps also make a customer feel as if they have a personal access to the business. In fact, the app is their personal pathway into the functional workings of the business

Social Networking

Social media has conditioned consumers to expect to be engaged. Social media has also conditioned consumers to interact when engaged. A mobile app allows a business to enhance their social networking strategies. Mobile apps can be integrated with all of the major social networks, allowing consumers to publish, like and share content to any of those social sites directly from the application